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Subject: Re: GPO-Loop back processing
Posted by:  Ace Fekay [MVP] (PleaseAsk…
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006

In news:81D924D5-F44D-436E-A032-1DBECE6731…,
Paul J <Pau…> stated, which I commented on below:
> Is this the right way to proceed?
> AD2k3 Domain
> I am setting up the following OU structure with GPO's linked as below.
> CDcomputers, 1500 computers with 40 servers in child OU
> (CDComputers\Servers)
> OU GPO linked
> PDcomputers PdcomputersGPO
> CDcomputers CDcomputersGPO ? GPO with loop back set, replace
> PDusers PduserGPO linked here
> CDusers CDusersGPO linked here
> My goal is: no matter who logs onto a computer in CDcomputers OU,
> they get a locked down desktop. (Except for an admin group that I
> will deny read and apply GPO)
> I need to make sure that when PDuser logons to CDcomputer they get
> the same locked down desktop that the CDuser would.  Originally, I
> was locking down the CDusers with CDusersGPO.  This works fine for
> CDusers due to their account location in AD but PDusers (because of
> their account location in AD) do not process the CDusersGPO.
> I setup a CDcomputers GPO with both user and computer settings set
> and have enable System\Group Policy loop back in replace mode.
> I have been cautioned by another person at my company not to use GPO
> loop back.  I am told that this will complicate troubleshooting
> efforts should there be any issues.  I have used GPO with terminal
> server access before and thought it worked well.  Any reason I
> shouldn't move forward with this design?
> Thanks!
> PaulJ

I would. Just document what you did and test it, more so to make sure it
works, and allay your colleague's concerns.

You could also create a similar GPO such as CDComputers or just link that
GPO, that is if the settings in that GPO other than the loopback would apply
to the scope of management of the objects in the PDusers OU.

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