Cannot transfer Schema Master

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Subject: Cannot transfer Schema Master
Posted by:  pacer (pac…
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006

My original problem was that I could not add a user from to a
User Group beloning to After adding the user to the
group and clicking Apply or OK, a message appeared as follows: "The specified
user was not found. If the user exists on another domain controller in the
enterprise, it may take 15 minutes or more tfor the user to be replicated to
the global catalog."

Looking into, I found that the properties of the
Operations Master contained an error in the RID, PDC and Infrastructure and
it was not possible to transfer these roles. I then looked at
that holds the Schema Master role and it too had the word 'ERROR' in the box
where the DC name should be. However, there was the option to transfer the
role to another DC through this GUI, but I got the following error when I
attempted this: "The role owner attribute could not be read. The transfer of
the current Operations Master could not be performed."

Running dcdiag /test:knowsofroleholders on I get a
warning that DC1.child1 could not resolve the name for role Schema Owner.
There also was a reference to an old Schema DC called, that
should have been decommisioned by an ex colleague.

Basically, it appears that the Schema role does not belong to any DC and I
cannot transfer the role to where it should be.

I've been advised on another forum to use ntdsutil to transfer the Schema
role to, but does this make a difference to using the GUI?

I look forward to your response.