Where to Start, Myriad of Problems

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Subject: Where to Start, Myriad of Problems
Posted by:  Frank (Fra…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006

OK it started with a power outage that went beyond the life of the UPS and it
wasn't configured to shut down smartly. There are 3 Servers Server, Server2,
Server-File.  Server-File is the mail server.  When logging in you get "a
duplicate name exists on the network".  When you do \\server from a run
command you get no network provider accepted the given network path, but i
can \\server2.  You can remote desktop other machines from the mail server,
but cannot remote desktop to the mail server, the rpc server is unavailable.
You also get rpc server is unavailable when trying to open System Manager in
Exchange.  Another weird thing that i'm not sure is an anomaly but I can ping
server names and it resolves and pings any machines, but i cannot ping the
gateway/firewall or log into from the mail server.  Need some patient
assistance please.