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Subject: add logged in user to Power Users
Posted by:  kieran54…
Date: 26 Jul 2006


I was searching for a way to add any user who logs in as a Power User,
without having to do it PC by PC.

I found the below.  So I created the .bat file with the required line
in it.  I then went into the group policy and went to -
Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts > StartUp

I then added the .bat file which i had put at the root of C.  I am
doing this on the domain controller server.

However when i restarted a PC and logged in - that user did not appear
in Power Users.  Am I misssing something.

Should the .bat file be in a shared drive.  Also how do i force an
update to the group policy so that all PCs are usin the policy with the
changes i made.



I would recommend to add "NT Authority\Interactive" in the local
"Power Users" group to let all domain users automatically be power
users when they log on to a computer interactively.

You can do this operation in a computer startup script (with a
GPO) that runs as part of the boot up process (before the user logs
in). It runs under the system context and has admin rights.

Adding it to the "Power Users" group with a command line in a bat file:

et.exe LOCALGROUP /ADD "Power Users"
    "NT Authority\Interactive"