Folder permissions not acting like they should

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Subject: Folder permissions not acting like they should
Posted by:  MattLock (MattLo…
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006

I have a Finance folder that users need access to.  So, in keeping with
Microsoft's best practice, I've created a group in AD and I added the users
to the group.  I added the newly created group to the ACL of the Finance
folder.  But that doesn't work, the users get an "access denied" error.  The
group has modify privileges on the Finance ACL.  Here's what's cofusing to
me; I have groups that I've created 6+ months ago that function properly.  I
created the IT group over 2 years ago and when I add it to the Finance folder
ACL, all of the users belonging to IT can access the folder.  I have tried
changing the type of group from a domain local to global and to universal.
Even though that shouldn't affect my situation because I'm running a single
domain.  This situation is making me feel like I should be dragging my
knuckles and scratching my armpits.

Your thoughts?