Replication causing Outlook/DSProxy issue??

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Subject: Replication causing Outlook/DSProxy issue??
Posted by:  Johan Strange (JohanStran…
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006

I had an Exchange Server issue with a  client today. They reported that their
Outlook was hanging. I could not find any issues with the Exchange Server and
a reboot cured the issue. This was ok for around 30mins or so and then it
happened again. I have 2 x Windows 2000 Server and 1 x Server 2003 all DC. I
noticed that DS replication would not replicate to the Exchange Server. If I
try to force a replication I get an error:

"The following error occured during the attempt to sychronise naming context
domain.local from domsain controller server1 to domain controller server2:

Access is denied

There is nothing in the event log except:

File REplication event log : 13508

Neither DC can replicate with DC1. I have re created the DNS zone and still
teh issue persists. I beleive that the Exchange / Outlook issue is caused by
DSProxy being effected by this condition.
The 2003 device has all the latest hotfixes and patches.
I can not find anything via searches that relates to this so if anyone has

any thoughts that would be great.