Directory Services Restore Mode

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Subject: Directory Services Restore Mode
Posted by:  Havay (Hav…
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006

Dear All,
This OS that MS has put out has given me nothing but trouble.

I complete the Acronis true server image Bakup all stuff into DVD . Boots
up fine and everything is chipper. So I shut down the system and retore from
DVD (server 2003 standard edtion with Domain cotroller...).

Once it finished, I let it reboot like it wants to. Then, it boots up to the
Win2k3 screen again - starts going into the OS, so I'm excited - it looks
like I haven't screwed anything up. WRONG. Up pops a message about how it
can't start the Active Directory service and I need to reboot to Directory
Services Restore Mode. Crud. So I hit F8 on the reboot and attempt to go into
DSRM. At the logon, I enter the admin account and my password. It does what
looks like a login, runs the hard drive a little bit (Still on my backup one)
and then automatically logs me out! I try type many times it still the same

So I try in vain a few more times to do that with no luck.

Then I decided I'd try to do a restore from the DVD again in hopes that it
would fix the permissions. Well, that's where I'm at now. In the middle of
the setup procedure I get the error about it not being able to start the
Directory control service or whatever.

So here's where I sit now:
1) One hard drive has the old OS and all of my old files and config on it,
but I can't boot to that version of the OS. I can still access all the files
from another version of the OS on another drive.
3)Safe Mode. (same error)
4)Last Known Config (no go)
5) My RAID array has a fresh install of Win2k3 server
6) I have a Win2k backup domain controller into DVD
7) I want to restore my settings and AD users/permissions from the old
drive. I don't look forward to having to rebuild my domain from the ground
up. I have DHCP, DNS, Active Directory for my one domain on this server.

I don't want to have to manually set all of that stuff up again. I am a
desperate man. Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance,