restoring DC

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Subject: restoring DC
Posted by:  tilopa (wgilgall…
Date: 1 Sep 2006

We have a single active directory domain with 4 separate physical
locations. Each location has its own Domain Controller A B C D. We will
be moving 3 of our locations to 1 new location giving us 2 locations.
In preperation for the move I am going to test the new curcuit at the
new location. My plan is to restore from backup onto a test machine
with the same hardware as the backed up machine I am restoring from.
Before I do the restore I will disconnect DC C, then restore the test
machine, bring it to the new location, connect it to the network so it
can communicate with the other DC's and do my testing. When I am
finished I will take the test machine offline and turn back on DC C. My
question is will this cause any problems with DC C connecting back to
the other DC's. Will replication still work fine. When I do the
restoration of C's backup tape onto an identical test machine will the
SID be the same, meaning does the system state restore keep the same
SID or is it replaced such that I have to reconnect the machine name to
AD? Any help or articles to answer these qustions are greatly