disable or rename administrator account

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Subject: disable or rename administrator account
Posted by:  UBEST (ube…@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006


For security reason, we have to disable or rename Domain administrator
account and domain member server's local administrator account.
We have some concerns about tha changes:

Can anyone please answer the following concerns?

If we rename or disable administrator account for AD or Windows 2003
local administrator account, what are impacts on disaster recovery of
AD and standalone Windows 2003 servers, member servers.

For a standalone or member server, if we disable or rename local
administrator account, when disaster happens, when we have to run
disaster recovery, for example, recovery console mode, system will
prompt you with administratror password, if we disable or rename
bulit-in administrator account, can we still be able to get in
recovery console mode? and How?

If we  do system repair partion of Windows 2003 setup, if we are
prompted with Administrator password, how can we get along this this

For reanme or disabling AD administrator account, if disaster happens
to AD, how will it affect disaster recovery procedure?