Problem:logon script does not run

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Subject: Problem:logon script does not run
Posted by:  Sasi (Sa…
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006

I've set a logon script path for my user as \\testserver\
etlogon\1.cmd .
the problem is that it does not username is 1 and pass is 1.
the script is OK.when the user logs on,if he/she browse to netlogon and
double click 1.cmd,everything goes fine;but I do wonder whats wrong with
server that makes logon script not running.
I tested it on 4 different domains,win2k and 2k3 and non worked.
what mistake I'm probably doing? why the logon script is not triggered?
I also turned debugging on like the following article:;EN-US;221833
but nothing meaningful I got from its log pertaining to this issue.
what is my mistake?