2003 migration + disable replication

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Subject: 2003 migration + disable replication
Posted by:  BlueIT (bijal.sh…@bluecg.com)
Date: 7 Sep 2006

Have a 2000 AD environment with two DC.  Will be attemting to do
"adprep" to allow 2003 DC in environment.  I have read some articles
that it might be a good idea to disable outbound replication during the
process on both DC.

repadmin /options +DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL

Curiousity is should this be done?

If so....
1. disable repl
2. adprep /forestprep
3. enable repl
4. verify repl
5. disable repl
6. adprep /domainprep
7. enable repl
8. verify

or 1,2,6,7,8

Any insight appreciated and thx in advance.