Urgent : Server Docs disappeared from my DNS !!!

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Subject: Urgent : Server Docs disappeared from my DNS !!!
Posted by:  fadhelbb (fadhel…@free.fr)
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006


I had a really bad surprise Friday. I have a forest (W2K3 sp1) with 2
domains/2 trees : forest root.com with 2 trees root.com et location1.com.
GC1 et GC2 are 2 global catalogs W2K3 native mode) in root.com and LOC1GC1
et LOC1GC2 are 2 Domain controllers for location1.com.
Friday, admin from location1 called me to tell me that they were unable to
acces normally to shares in servers in root.com. Systems ask for
authentificaiton. After launching dcdiag and try to force with replmon
replications between servers, i found that all servers documents related to
domains controllers from root.com are missing in the dns of root.com
(_msdsc.com\..; _sites\..., _tcp), i can only find documents related to
domain controllers from location1.com : _ldap -> loc1gc1.location1.com. ...,
_gc ->...). I cannot imagine that we deleted all the docs manually, i do not
undestand why all those docs disapperead ??

Now i am looking for a way to solve the problem, i have a ad backup
(ntbackup from august) of my second global catalog, i think we will restore
it on a server and try to recreate manually those entries in the DNS ? Is it
the correct way to solve the problem, why those docs disappeared ?

Fyi, No windows update were done before the problem appear.

Thks for your help