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Subject: nt4emulator
Posted by:  atsdan (atsd…@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006

I have spent the last one year on a  migration project from windows NT4 to
2003. Due to budgetary reasons and time constraints i couldn't upgrade or
replace all the NT4 domain controllers at once. Therefore i used the
nt4emulator key to ensure that the NT4 domain controllers would still
coexist with the new 2003 servers. I am now pretty much ready to turn off
the NT4Emulator settings, but i have a few concerns:

When i disable the nt4emulator settings.

1. There are still one or two domain controllers that are running NT4 will
they still function as servers?, i don't care for them to function as domain
controllers  i just need to ensure that users can access applications on

2. Is there any sequence i should follow by which i disable the nt4emulator
key on the domain controllers, i believe there are about 6 remote offices
each with one domain controller.