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Subject: Re: KDC error 14
Posted by:  Jorge Silva (jorgesilva_…
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006


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Jorge Silva
Systems Administrator
"setecastronomy" <setecastrono…> wrote in message
> Since the 1st of September on my Domain Controller there is a system error
> event every hour. It is about KDC, event
> number 14 and translated into english it sounds like:
> "During the computing of a request AS to the service krbtgt, it happened
> that account proxy$ didn't have a valid key
> for obtaining a ticket Kerberos. The missing key ID is 1. The requested
> etype are 16  1. The available etype in the
> account are 23  -133  -128. Changing proxy$ password a suitable key will
> be
> generated."
> I can find the proxy$ account nowhere.
> How can I solve this problem ?
> Thank youu
> Filippo



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