ADAM : Beginner and need help

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Subject: ADAM : Beginner and need help
Posted by:  John Fly (JohnFly…
Date: 6 Dec 2006


I've been playing with ADAM for about 3-4 days now, I'm trying to see
if we can use it for user management for a number of software
applications.  I am mostly needing to store (Users, Groups,

i.e  A *User* is a member of one or more *Groups*.  A *Group* is a set
of  one or more *Permissions*.  A *Permission* might be "View open

Is this a correct use of ADAM?

if so...

I have been able to setup ADAM on windows server 2003 R2, and have
created an application partition.

Within the partition I have created a few users, and made these users
member of the built-in Roles(Administrators, Users)


I am not certain how to progress from here.  In what way can I
configure ADAM to best express my data in terms of

Where might I find some tutorials / examples or similar material for
setting up ADAM in such a way?