Using ADAM for authenticating non-AD users

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Subject: Using ADAM for authenticating non-AD users
Posted by:  jremmc (jrem…@news.postalias)
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006

We are a small company. We now find a need to give some customers some
access to some data in one of our 3rd party apps that maintain its own list
of users but can use an ldap directory instead. (The app can authenticate
against its own list or an ldap directory, but not both.) We do not want to
add the customers to our AD. We need a simple (not Enterprise $$) solution.
From what I read of ADAM, it sounds like ADAM will do the trick?

If so, then what we do is create the customer acccounts in ADAM, point the
app to it, and ADAM will use its db to authenticate them while at the same
time passing the authentication request to AD for all AD accounts
(employees). Yes? (I know there's much more involved in actually setting up
ADAM but what I want to do boils down to that.)

I also read about ADFS, which totally confused me, but I don't think that is
what we want.