Folder re-direction and "Offline files".

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Subject: Folder re-direction and "Offline files".
Posted by:  Mrpush (Mrpu…
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006


MS 2003 server, GPO set up to redirect certain folders on network server.

I need to re-direct folders because I'm using ROAMING PROFILES and I don't
want log-in to be to slow.

I will re-direct my users My Documents folders (where they keep all user
files) to the server, however, I can't escape the feeling I'll have if the
file server would go off line and users would have NO FILES to work on.

So, I'd like to impliment OFFLINE FILES so that they would always have a
copy of there files locally, and could work on them if the server were

The local file changes would "SYNC" with the server and update the server
files with all changes made.

Is this accpetable or is there some better way to keep a synced copy of
files on local desktops?

(A problem that I noted was that OFFLINE FILES of folders do not show the
folders themselves, just a big grouping of all the files set to offline.
Weird, but they would be there.)

Thanks much,