Office 2003 Folder Redirection and Denying Access to C

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Subject: Office 2003 Folder Redirection and Denying Access to C
Posted by:  Peter W. Caton (PeterWCat…
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006

I am a Network Admin at a public library.  I use a group policy to redirect
our patron users My Documents folder to the desktop using the following path,
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Desktop.  All use the same domain user
account to login to the public workstations.  Now, I have started to upgrade
all the public workstations to Office 2003.  When a patron goes to open a
file  from within any Office 2003 program, he/she receives an error message
that he/she does not have the necessary rights to view the folder.  If the
user clicks "OK" he/she can browse to a flash drive, floppy or the desktop
with no problem.  The reason the user receives this warning message is that I
also use a group policy to restrict access to the C drive.  If I disable this
policy, the patron users do not receive a warning message about the rights.
Is there a way to prevent this message from displaying while still using the
combination of GP's I currently employ?  We have a Windows 2003 domain.