Cannot add users or change passwords...

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Subject: Cannot add users or change passwords...
Posted by:  smutny (smut…
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006

Major frustration here...

Suffered some powerspikes that damaged a Windows 2000 Advanced Server that
was acting as a BDC and was replicating the Active Directory with the PDC.
Due to circumstances, it was restored not as a BDC and is a domain member
computer, not a domain controller.  Therefore not replicating AD.  Not sure
if this is relevent to my problem but throwing it out there in case it is.

Current Issue:
My PDC is a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.  I can no longer add users to
it.  When attempting to add users, I get the initial dialog box where I can
put in the name, click next to get to the password box but when I click Next
after putting in a password, I get a stop error dialog box:

  Active Directory
  An error occurred. Contact your system administrator.

I'm in a pinch so I thought I'd be clever and just rename an existing dead
account for the new user.  But when I try to reset the password, I get this
stop error:

  Active Directory
  Windows cannot complete the password change for USERNAME because:
  The system cannot find the file specified.

I've parused the Event Log but find no corresponding errors to these events.

Any ideas???