wk23 dc host record

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Subject: wk23 dc host record
Posted by:  Elvis (Elv…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006


I have recently upgraded a W2K domain to W2K3 and transferred all FMSO roles
to the new server. the two server are replicating....I run dcidag and netdiag
and everything is running error free...except for some really strange

I look at my DNS and I see an A record for my Server...howeever its the
wrong IP address. I double check tcp/ip to make suure the IP. so now I have
two A records for with two different IP addresses and the same host name. I
delete it and it comes back.
Also I do not see any entires in DNS for my clients. I have played with the
DHCP settings to ensure that records get updated but I dont see any??
Sometimes when my client authenticate against my old dc they cannot access
resources on the new DC...
One strange thing I noticed is that the domain name is a netbios one..there
is no "corp.domain.com" or "domain.local" or "domain.com" etc....there is
only "domain"
Any help would be greatly appreciated.