Win2000 child domain

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Subject: Win2000 child domain
Posted by:  Darr…@community.nospam (GQ@community.nospam)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006

I am trying to demote the last DC in a Win2000 child domain using dcpromo
and  I 've checked last DC is in domain but I keep get the error "The
operation failed because ....the directory service failed to replicate off
changes made locally. The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a
DNS lookup failure"
I have goggled this error and found numerous discussion and  fixes but had
so far getting any to work.
Just to give some insight on my setup...... my child domain resides in asia.
and is called , DNS for the last DC  that I am trying to
demote is pointing to itself and currently holder the 3 child domain fsmo
roles. During dcpromo I see it is trying to connect a DC in parent domain
which is currently the holder of the forest fsmo roles (domain naming master
and schema master) .

Do my error is a result of connectivity issues, but I would assume the
bandwidth should be sufficient 512 link since in the past we had no
replication issues however I did run dcdiags and I saw references of a
child DC that is no longer on the network  and something about unable to
replicate the sysvol .. Do you think I am required to do a metadata cleanup
Any feedback would certainly be appreciated