removing subdomain after only DC dies

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Subject: removing subdomain after only DC dies
Posted by:  hawkfire (dcoughl…
Date: 14 Dec 2006

I created a subdomain, but my Domain controller died before I got very
far.  So I tried to remove the subdomain from the parent domain to stop
the alerts from being generated.  I apparently did something wrong.
The entry is still on the DC of the parent domain, and I can't get rid
of it.  I'm rebuilding the DC, but cannot connect it to the old
subdomain since the main controller can't find a DC on the still
lingering subdomain.  So, to clarify:

- I have a domain called  The domain controller is DC01.
- I have a subdomain called  There is no domain
controller as the original DC died.

I would like to either:

1) Remove MySub.MyDom from the active directory in order to recreate
the subdomain from scratch.


2) Somehow get the new server (DC02) to become the primary domain
controller for the current "controller-less" subdomain.

Please bear in mind that I am VERY new to active directory (use small
words! <grin>).  All of the help files say to run dcpromo from the
domain controller on, which is of course impossible
since there is none.