FSMO roles Placement

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Subject: FSMO roles Placement
Posted by:  LincolnIT (Lincoln…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006

I just migrated from NT to Win2k3 and have a couple of questions. I now have
the following:
-2 Win2k3 DC's
-2 NT BDC's (from the migration, will eventually retire these)

1. One DC will be a fileserver, the other will run Exchange2k3. All the
roles are currently on the FS except for the infrastr master. I tried to
transfer the infrastructure master but got a warning stating that this should
not be done because it is a global catalog. Should all the FSMO roles reside
on one server?

2. Is it recommended to point the NT servers to my DNS such as I do with the
Win2k3 servers? I think so but just want another opinion.