Re: Error message on DC

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Subject: Re: Error message on DC
Posted by:  Al Mulnick (amulnick_No_SP…
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006

Has been recently removed? Deleted?
What does replication show for this server? What made you start to use the
debug option in netdiag?  What were the results of dcdiag?

How's your DNS?


"PeterP" <Pete…> wrote in message
> When I am running the netdiag /l /debug on DC, I am getting the following
> error
> DC list for domain CURR:
> [DS] Site: Data-Center-Site
> [PDC emulator] [DS] Site:
> Data-Center-Site
> [DS] Site: CHA
>    Cannot get information for DC
> [ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED] Assume it is down.
> Need Help!!



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Error message on DC posted by PeterP on Mon, 18 Dec 2006