ADFS Step-by-step scenario : my config doesn't work :(

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Subject: ADFS Step-by-step scenario : my config doesn't work :(
Posted by:  SC (seth6…
Date: 20 Dec 2006


I'm trying to setup a config as told in the ADFS Step by Step Guide but
I still have troubles.

-----DCs (adfsresource & adfsaccount)-----
It seems that both DCs -adfsaccount and adfs resource- (with ADFS
Federation Service, self signed cert,....) are well configured except
the fact that i haven't noticed any trafic between the DCs. I sniffed
my network thanks to Ethereal. I think it's normal that no trafic is
exchanged because my DCs haven't received any request from adfsweb.
1st question/
Is there a way to force an ADFS communication between the DCs in order
to check if the Trust is successful?

adfsweb has IIS 6 RK tools, self signed cert,..., configured.
On the Application Server MMC, if I right click on 'Web Sites', I can
access to the "ADFS Web Agent" tab.
If i launch IE, I can access
(which is the URL configured in ADFS Web Agent tab) from adfsaccount,
adfsresource, adfsweb and my client.
If I try to access the "ADFS Web Agent" tab of 'Default Web Site' and
'stepbystep', the following error is prompted :
"An error occured while initializing the ADFS Web Agent properties
2nd question/
Is that normal that I can only access the 'Web Sites' "ADFS Web Agent"
tab and get an error if I try accessing the "ADFS Web Agent" tab of
'Default Web Site' and 'stepbystep' ?

-----Trying to access adfsweb from a client----
When trying to access adfsweb from my client, I get an http 403 error
telling me that i'm not authorized to view this page.
I sniffed my network and the only trafic is between the client and
==> adfsweb seems to never try to reach adfsaccount or adfsresource

If I look at the events generated on adfsweb, I can't see any failure
event related to my access attempt.
I also looked at the C:\ADFS\logs\ifsap.log and there's no new line :(

If someone can answers my questions and see what is wrong in my config.
Thanks for the help