Create child domain off-site then bring it in under a new root?

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Subject: Create child domain off-site then bring it in under a new root?
Posted by:  oj.grou…
Date: 21 Dec 2006

Here's the scenario...

(I'm brand new to AD so please forgive me if I say something that
doesn't make sense.)

-We plan to build out an AD forest on-site in the next year. Currently,
we have nearly 70 Windows servers configure as standalones. One of
these boxes, which happens to be our primary DNS server does run AD but
it's an empty install that doesn't actually do anything (AD was setup
to do some synchronization with eDirectory which is our primary

-We have to take delivery of a set of servers that will be a subdomain
of our root in just a few months. These servers and the domain they
belong to will be preconfigured by a contractor.

I'm wondering how we would best go about this?

It seems to me that our cleanest option would be to scrap out current
2K AD, build a new pair of servers to act as our empty root then allow
our contractors to build out sub.root underneath it. Once complete, we
pick up the whole deal, transport it back to our site, fire everything
up, correct addresses as needed then proceed to build out everything
else (the 70 boxes mentioned above).

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback.