Rejoining previously dead DC to domain

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Subject: Rejoining previously dead DC to domain
Posted by:  Nate (Na…
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006

Actually there is more to this story.

Backgroud: Domain controller (call it #1) on network with several other
servers. No backup DC. The #1 DC crashes and dies. System is down.

I take DC #1 offline and give it enough life (sputtering and coughing)
enough to setup another server, join it to the domain of DC#1 and let DC#1
die a genle death.
But I did not seize the FSMO roles before it died.

I then put DC#2 online and seize the FSMO roles, so all is well. Almost.
When I check the users on DC#2, I don't see the Exchange options for each
user. I see it on the Exchange server, but not on the DC#2. So I figure, this
must be because I did not do a good FSMO seizure, but unfortunately, can't

However, after some work, I am able to revive DC#1, but now DC#2 has the
FSMO role, has been online for almost a week and I don't know if it is safe
to put it back online. My only goal here is to get DC#2 to show the Exchange
options for the users, so i don't really need DC#1 anymore.

So can anyone tell me
1) can I get the Exchange options on the users to show up on DC#2 in any way
without DC#1
2) if I need DC#1, how do I rejoin it safely to the domain.

thanks for any help