Setting of Inheritence flag

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Subject: Setting of Inheritence flag
Posted by:  kaniaj…
Date: 2 Jan 2007


I have a Windows 2003 domain that has been upgraded from NT4 (I know).
I am having an issue with the inheritence flag of my user objects.

I have delegated an OU for our help desk staff.  They need to reset
passwords.  I have also checked the flag of the user objects within the
advanced button on the scurity tab.  I got a call from the staff saying
they are still unable to reset passwords.  I checkd the secutiry
permissuions on the user object they are trying to change, and the flag
is set back to unchecked.  I checked the rest of the objects...ALL

I have looked at replication.  I have scoured the eventlogs.  nothing.

Has anyone else ever seen this?

TIA for any help.

Joe Kania
KaniaJoe at