Computers disappearing from "Entire Network" on Domain

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Subject: Computers disappearing from "Entire Network" on Domain
Posted by:  Brad Quade (bqua…
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007

Hi, we are having network browsing issues on our domain. Office A in one city
usually shows the computers on the network here. Office B in another city
usually sees its computers on the network there. Sometimes you see both
combined and sometimes you just see one of the offices. There is a link
between offices and both can ping/browse to a computer manually by name.

What do we need to do to make all the computers in both offices show up
combined all the time at each office in "Entire Network" rather than just
seeing the computers in our own city?

It is an AD network and both of the offices are sites. Office A has two
servers in it's site and Office B has one.

The issue is that computers that show up in the Entire Network are very
intermittant. Sometimes it shows only Office A, sometimes Office A and B, and
sometimes just Office B. This is frustrating people in Office A when they
browse the network and only see the Office B computers.