Cached credentials not working

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Subject: Cached credentials not working
Posted by:  John C (John…
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007

I have 2 DC's in an administrative VLAN, in a separate subnet from our member
servers VLAN.  They are all connected to the switch fabric and can
communicate each way with no issues.  We had an incident recently where
access to the administrative VLAN was disconnected from the member servers
VLAN, so domain controllers were not available to authenticate the member
servers.  When attempting to log in to the member servers using domain
credentials, however, I got a message that the DC was unavailable.  I should
have been able to use cached credentials, but apparently that was not
working.  Group Policy looks ok (allow 10 logons to be cached) and the local
machines look ok too (also 10 logons cached).  Local logon to the box was
fine.  No events were logged in the Event Viewer for this either.  What else
might have prevented the cached credentials from working?