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Subject: RE: Cached credentials not working
Posted by:  Chris Beams (ChrisBea…
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007


thats a strange one... do you have only one domain? Can you confirm that the
account you are using to login has been used on the server recently?

"John C" wrote:

> I have 2 DC's in an administrative VLAN, in a separate subnet from our member
> servers VLAN.  They are all connected to the switch fabric and can
> communicate each way with no issues.  We had an incident recently where
> access to the administrative VLAN was disconnected from the member servers
> VLAN, so domain controllers were not available to authenticate the member
> servers.  When attempting to log in to the member servers using domain
> credentials, however, I got a message that the DC was unavailable.  I should
> have been able to use cached credentials, but apparently that was not
> working.  Group Policy looks ok (allow 10 logons to be cached) and the local
> machines look ok too (also 10 logons cached).  Local logon to the box was
> fine.  No events were logged in the Event Viewer for this either.  What else
> might have prevented the cached credentials from working?


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