Cannot create/copy accounts in active directory

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Subject: Cannot create/copy accounts in active directory
Posted by:  daniel.dryhur…
Date: 8 Jan 2007


I have recently taken over an old sys admin as a temporary role. Before
he left he created me a clone of his account to perform all the admin
tasks etc. within AD.

I am trying to copy a user template for a new account and it won't
allow me to. I have also tried creating a brand new account manually
which it won't let me do either. I am a member of the Domain Admins and
Account Operators groups as well as lots of other specialist admin
groups.  I cannot fathom out why it will not allow me to create the
account? I can reset passwords and move between OU's etc.

The error I get is very spurious:

'An error has occurred: Please contact your systems administrator'

This happens just after I set the default password for the account and
click 'OK'.  Anyone help or got any ideas? (I can re-enable the old
account but would prefer to sort this out)