X.500 OID value for uidNumber in 2003 R2 AD schema

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Subject: X.500 OID value for uidNumber in 2003 R2 AD schema
Posted by:  Jason Halladay (hallad…@gmail.com)
Date: 8 Jan 2007

We're trying to update our Server 2003 functional-level AD schema to
the R2 schema.  However, when attempting to run adprep /forestprep we
receive the following error:
A previous schema extension has defined the attribute value as "2.5.22"
for object "CN=uidNumber,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,D
C=ms,DC=contoso,DC=com" differently than the schema extension needed
for Windows 2003 server .
Adprep cannot extend your existing schema
[User Action]
Contact the vendor of the application that previously extended the
schema to resolve the inconsistency. Then run adprep again.

This is true as we had manually entered the uidNumber attribute a
couple years ago to accommodate Mac OS X machines in AD.  It sounds
like the R2 schema now includes the uidNumber attribute. Can someone
provide me with the default uidNumber attribute value used in the R2
schema?  I'm hoping we can change our value to the "correct" value and
then successfully update our schema to R2.