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Subject: Re: Cannot create/copy accounts in active directory
Posted by:  MPerrault (mperrau…
Date: 8 Jan 2007

daniel.dryhur… wrote:
> Hi
> I have recently taken over an old sys admin as a temporary role. Before
> he left he created me a clone of his account to perform all the admin
> tasks etc. within AD.
> I am trying to copy a user template for a new account and it won't
> allow me to. I have also tried creating a brand new account manually
> which it won't let me do either. I am a member of the Domain Admins and
> Account Operators groups as well as lots of other specialist admin
> groups.  I cannot fathom out why it will not allow me to create the
> account? I can reset passwords and move between OU's etc.
> The error I get is very spurious:
> 'An error has occurred: Please contact your systems administrator'
> This happens just after I set the default password for the account and
> click 'OK'.  Anyone help or got any ideas? (I can re-enable the old
> account but would prefer to sort this out)
> Thanks

Try to take over ownership of the account in the permissions, and check
to see if ther are any explicite perms set on the account.

Michael P. Perrault
Senior Systems Engineer,
ScriptLogic Corporation



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