ADFS & MOSS 2007 troubles

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Subject: ADFS & MOSS 2007 troubles
Posted by:  verukins (veruki…
Date: 9 Jan 2007

Hi all,
        Im using ADFS in a couple of forests and have a couple of web
apps and WSS2 working quite happily.

The next step is to get is to get moss 2007 working. In the absence of
any guides (that im aware of), ive used the same methods as i did for

>From a client in the same domain, when opening the web page i get
redirected to the short name of the site (ie moss, instead and get a "401 unauthorised" error.

When lookingg though the various logs, and configuration
1) The adfs return path, app defined path are correct with the FQDN
(and i have verified this against the iis metsbase)
2) all the correct entries seem to be passed from the ADFS federation
server (ie, correect user name, site name etc)
3) on the moss server, i get one line in the ifsext_sharepoint.log
which i believe is the culprit, but i have no idea how to fix... as

3136.3248>wsfilt-warn: <Date> onsendresponse: get header
xADFSUserNameHdr: failed with 1413. Extension may not be configured or
user may be anonymous user. Continuing without setting cs-username.

any help much appreciated.