Changing password through Outlook WEB Access (OWA)

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Subject: Changing password through Outlook WEB Access (OWA)
Posted by:  buddd (budm…
Date: 10 Jan 2007


I have a relatively simple problem that maybe someone has some advice

We have a very simple Windows 2003 Active directory structure (one
domain) along with an Exchange 2003 server.

We have several remote users, who logon via OWA. These users work with
laptops, and their active directory information is cached.

The problem is as follows:

If a remote user changes his AD password via OWA, he can no longer
connect to the company network via VPN because the cached credentials
do not allow the user to logon with the his new password (and the user
needs to be logged on to launch the VPN connection and user AD account
profile).  That is , the user still needs to access the AD account
profile (we don't want a seperate profile)

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to rectify this problem?