Problems with secondary domain controller ?

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Subject: Problems with secondary domain controller ?
Posted by:  sp (ko…@noemail.noemail)
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007

I have one Windows 2003 domain controller with integrated DNS. I would
like to launch secondary domain controller, I add AD role to Server 2003
but DNS didn’t install on the second server – should I do it manually or
something went wrong and it should be installed automatically on the
second server also?

If  I should install DNS server manually how to install integrated AD
DNS on the second AD server. When I choose secondary zone I can not pick
integrated with AD. When I choose primary zone I see the error:

The zone local.local was previously loaded from the directory partition
MicrosoftDNS but another copy of the zone has been found in directory
partition DomainDnsZones.local.local. The DNS Server will ignore this
new copy of the zone. Please resolve this conflict as soon as possible.

Any step by step – How to install second AD server with integrated DNS