Can't Find PDC, not located

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Subject: Can't Find PDC, not located
Posted by:  Dave Mackler (dmackl…
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007

Servers are all Server2003, SP1.  PDC had a hard crash.  Could not recover,
had a second DC with DNS (AD Integrated) running in the same site so I
seized all the FSMO roles successfully.

Deleted the original PDC from the network successfully.  Ran dcdiag /fix,
netdiag /fix, repadmin /kcc on all DC's.  Cleaned up Sites and Services,
deleted all site links and waited for the kcc to re-establish.  Reset static
TCP/IP properties is necessary.  Reset DNS to delete the dead PDC from the
name servers list.

Now running dcdiag on the new PDC runs with no errors.  Running repadmin
/showreps shows successful replication.

However.  running dcdiag on the DC's in the other three sites passes all
tests except FSMOCheck.  The error returned is:

Warning: DcGetDcName (PDC_Required) call failed, error 1355. A primary
Domain Controller could not be located The server holding the PDC role is

Why can't the other DC's set the PDC to the correct DC that has that role??