Using Many Small Group Objects for Group Policy

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Subject: Using Many Small Group Objects for Group Policy
Posted by:  Will (westes-usc@noemail.nospam)
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007

I read an article by Microsoft's IT Group that at Microsoft Group Policy is
implemented by many small group policy objects rather than large monolithic
objects one per OU.    Are there any samples available that show how this is
typically done?

I'm interested in understanding what groups of settings are normally kept
together in each group policy object.  Sometimes this is obvious, as when
for example you want to apply Windows Firewall settings to a machine with a
particular role.  It's very useful to have a single group policy object for
all Windows Firewall settings that can be easily re-applied to many
machines.  It's less obvious how one should partition up User Rights or
Security Settings.  How many group policy objects should be created, and
which settings are kept together in each object?    There ought to be some
prototypes for this in the public domain if this is in fact the most
maintainable approach.