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Subject: Domain not available
Posted by:  Sally Mathews (SallyMathe…
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007

I have a new Windows Server 2003 (Standard) that I am setting up as a basic
file server and also running symantec corporate antivirus.

The problem I am having is trying to get my XP Pro workstations on the
domain.  If I am logged into the local workstation I can browse the server
shared folders with no problem manually connecting to the shares.  But if I
try to add the workstation to the domain it with either tell me the domain is
unavailable, or it will let me add to the domain but then I can't actually
get to the server if I try to browse or map drives.  It just flat out locks
up the explorer or my computer window cold.

I have tried to remove the symantec antivirus client from the computer, no

I have turned off the windows firewall on the workstation, no change

I have turned the windows firewall back on at the workstation, no change

I have rebooted the server

I have one NIC on the server, very basic setup, and only one server on this
network.  It has never had another server and all workstations just stood
alone with their own files and printers.

I have checked the connections

I am using a basic Linksys SR224 (24 port) switch.

Any help you could give would be soooo appreciated.