Printer Deployment w/ 2K3 via Group Policy

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Subject: Printer Deployment w/ 2K3 via Group Policy
Posted by:  itbyd…
Date: 24 Jan 2007

I am using print mangement to deploy printers via group policy in 2k3
R2.  I have gone through many attempts to get this working at some of
our sites with no success and some sites with almost perfect success.
I have checked group policy management and the policy IS linked, I have
put the pushprinterconnections.exe file in the startup script area.
The printers are installed on my AD server using print management.  If
I try to connect the printers by opening \\%server% then right-clicking
the printer and clicking connect, the printer will work fine
(permissions to printer is okay).  I have run gpupdate.exe /force
multiple times and also rebooted multiple times.  At one site, this
worked on a few PC's, but not all.  Another site, only one out of six
printers are showing up.  Most PC's at these sites just are not
publishing the printers.  I have even set the domain users group to
local administrator group to try and rule out permissions issues.
Nothing is working.  I even set the -log to the script parameters for
the pushprinterconnection.exe and cannot even find a log file!  Can
anyone help with any suggestions?