Should we set up sites/subnets or move to a new domain?

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Subject: Should we set up sites/subnets or move to a new domain?
Posted by:  Michael (adm…
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007


Over the last few days i have asked various questions about best practise
for the company where i work. We are wishing to sort out our long overdue AD

I'll briefly run through a few things now i have more of an idea on what to

We have two physical locations - Site A and Site B - both have server rooms.
We have one Forest. Within that forest are 3 domains.
Domain A - 100 users, 150+ live servers (for banks data etc so very
Domain B - 10 users - a few servers
Domain C - 50 users - hosts external email for another company and other

Anyway. As you may recall from previous posts i've asked what is best
practise to do with regards to sites, getting rid of domain B and just
generally what should be done.

Now after a meeting today it seems we will have to keep Domain C (the
hosting domain) within the forest - this is fine and this may be phased out
in years to come anyway as it is not our main business.

We are looking to get rid of DomainB as it is pointless.

Now the question arises - should we create a new domain (say Domain D) and
start to put every user and computer on there - slowly moving everyone
accross to it and moving every server across to it - setting up sites and
subnets so it is almost a fresh design and install with a view to getting
rid of domain A as well?

Or should we just do this at the forest root which at the moment is not

Or should it just all be done with Domain A and set the sites/sunets up on

The problem we have is that if we even mention to anyone in the company the
word 'downtime' or any changes to any live servers that reside on Domain A
we have to plan it for months with risk assesment and my fear is it wll just
never happen.

Can sites/subetns be set up without affect any live servers (we have so many
dependant sql clusters and all sorts we don't know how they will react?).

Does anyone have any good guides on sites/subnets with diagrams etc - i find
the Microsft official one hard to understand and want a broader picture.

I'm thinking Keep Domain A and C within the same forest. Set up sites and
subnets on DomainA to replicate from phsyical site A to B and back.

The problem we also have is that Domain A is on really crap P3 servers.
Should we look at adding new Domain Controllers and replacing these? We have
only 150 users really so not a great amount.

Many many thanks for the answers and help you provide with this - it is