Problems with a user

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Subject: Problems with a user
Posted by:  Jim Helfer (JimHelfer@newsgroup.nospam)
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007

  I have a few problems with the Windows user created for my new
assistant. Something seems to have gone wrong and I think it may have to
do with AD.

  Here are the problems.

1. When I try to add an SMTP address for her Exchange mailbox, I get the
  error "An Exchange Server could not be found in the domain.  Check if
the Microsoft System Attendant service is running on the Exchagne Server.
ID no:c10308a2
Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension

2. When logged into this user, she cannot copy XP profiles. (My
Cpomputer....  User Profile Tab.. Copy To. is greyed).

  Is there something I can do to test the user object, or would it be
better just to delete and recreate?

  Jim Helfer
  WTW Architects
  Pittsburgh PA