Do I need to rename this domain?

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Subject: Do I need to rename this domain?
Posted by:  dleroux (dlero…
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007

Here is the situation:

We have a client with a small network (1 Server 2003 box and about 5
desktops running XP Pro).

·        This network currently has no internet connection

·        We need to allow for two users to get remote access to the network

·        The network is currently  set up with the name "" (and of
course some other company has "" already registered on the internet)

Do I need to rename the current domain to something like "TLA.local" (and is
this even possible with a single server)?

Or can some carfeful attention to detail in configuring DNS allow them to
keep "" even with the remote users (who will "dial in" using a static

Or do I need to wipe the existing doamina and make a new one?

Any insight, advice, or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.