Need Colocation Active Directory setup help

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Subject: Need Colocation Active Directory setup help
Posted by:  Vitaly (Vita…
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007

Hey guys and gals,

We will be moving our office sometime in the next several months. I have
been told that we will get a colocation for some servers to keep running
during the transition. The bandwidth on the colo via VPN should be about
10Mbps burstable.

Current network:
one domain controller (DC1)
one Exchange Server (2K3 SP2) with data store locally (called MailBE1)
one Exchange Server (2K3 SP2) front end (called MailFE1)
slew of member servers

Colo Network:
new domain controller (DC2)
new Exchange (2K3 or 2K7 Server) - MailBE2
new Exchange (2K3 or 2K7) front-end server - MailFE2
smaller slew of servers

I haven't done a colo, so need a little guidance.
How the move will work is that the colo is going to go up. The main location
is then going to go down. Roaming users will hit the colo from home or travel
as usual. As new departments starts at the new location they will hit the
colo. We will then move the 'old' servers to the new location and then have
the colo as a remote failover site.

To my understanding, I would need to do the following:
1. Create a second site in AD Sites and Services and the new subnet (DC2)
2. Add the second DC to the domain and enable it to be a global catalog
3. Add the new colo Exchange server to the domain.
4. Move the Exchange mailboxes to the Colo Exchange server (MailBE2)
5. Turn on Exchange Front End at Colo (MailFE2)
6. Shutdown the First site

1. Do I have to designate the DC2 as the infrastructure master since DC1
will be down for a period of time? Do I need to do the same for the RID or
PDC role?
2. How do setup the replication between the two sites for synch? Is this in
the Sites and Services Bridgehead role?
3. How can I test that DC2 will take over all authentication when the old
site goes down? Is there a way to simulate this?
4. AD handles all the routing for Exchange mailbox locations. Is there
anything special I need to do in all the users' Outlook clients, or will they
search for the new Exchange server automatically after AD learns about the
mailbox move to the colo?

Sorry, I know this is long-winded, but would like to get a feel for doing
this the right and best practices way. Please let me know if there is
anything I left out and I will fill in the blanks.

Thanks in advance as always!