Re: Holy Cow! I might need some help.

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Subject: Re: Holy Cow! I might need some help.
Posted by:  Jorge Silva (jorgesilva_…
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007

Yes is that simple, and if you plan to demote the othexisting one, make sure
that all services provided by the existing server are also available in the
new server, like DNS, DHCP....


I hope that the information above helps you.
Have a Nice day.
Jorge Silva

"Casey" <Cas…> wrote in message
> I'm looking for some links that might be helpful.  Here's some background.
> We have 2 domain controllers seperated by 40 miles and a point-to-point.
> Both servers do DNS and DHCP as well as Active Directory for our 2
> loactions
> (192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x). I'm replaceing one server outright.  It's
> old
> and on its last leg.  I have a new server on the way and will arrive
> tomorrow.  I imagine it's not as simple as building the raid, installing
> the
> os and join it to the domain.  Is it?



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