DFS: Wha does DFS not replicate .BAK files?

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Subject: DFS: Wha does DFS not replicate .BAK files?
Posted by:  Noomilop (Nomiloop@community.nospam)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007

DFS on Windows 2003 SP1 (NOT R2) - 48 partners

1. We have no filters on DFS today, I have looked at properties on my DFS
share:  in AD\System\File Replication Service\DFS Volum\Shares\"My shares"
In file filter, there is nothing....

Are there other places this filter is set? Is it only on the ROOT?
This si very anoying, brcause we put all our GPO's on DFS, and the Office
GPO has some .BAK files needed for the installation....manully copying to all
of my servers is not an options.....

2. Sometimes DFS takes a very long time, or it does not do it at all. Is
there any way to reset the DFS link again, without having to replicate
everything again?
A "try again" (??) button...