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Subject: Re: User account Security Tab
Posted by:  Brian Desmond [MVP] (bri…
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007

Is this particular user a member of any of the builtin admin groups (or was
he/she at some point)?

Brian Desmond
Windows Server MVP - Directory Services

"Igor" <Ig…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a weird problem,  I have a windows 2003 SP1 domain.  Recently I was
> forced to install the patch for exchange that breaks BESadmin account.
> I've
> followed the instructions on how to add send as rights back to BESadmin.
> So I
> added BESAdmin account to all user objects.  Everything worked, except one
> user, every time I make a change on his security tab, after a few hours it
> goes back to the original.  I forced AD sync right after I have made the
> changes, to check if one of the DC's is causing this problem. But the
> security Tab did not revert back, until a few hours later.  So I don't
> think
> that it's one of the DC's.
> thanks, any help will be appreciated


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