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Subject: Re: User account Security Tab
Posted by:  Jorge Silva (jorgesilva_…
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007

Sounds like a AdminSHolder, make sure that user isn't member of a protected
Googleit for AdminSHolder, lots of information available for adminsdholder.
In sum, every hour, the DC that has the primary PDCe master role verifies
the ACLs on members of these protected groups and compares them to the ACL
on the AdminSDHolder object. If the ACL that is on the AdminSDHolder is
different, then those ACLs are reseted to match the ACL on the AdminSDHolder


I hope that the information above helps you.
Have a Nice day.
Jorge Silva

"Igor" <Ig…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I have a weird problem,  I have a windows 2003 SP1 domain.  Recently I was
> forced to install the patch for exchange that breaks BESadmin account.
> I've
> followed the instructions on how to add send as rights back to BESadmin.
> So I
> added BESAdmin account to all user objects.  Everything worked, except one
> user, every time I make a change on his security tab, after a few hours it
> goes back to the original.  I forced AD sync right after I have made the
> changes, to check if one of the DC's is causing this problem. But the
> security Tab did not revert back, until a few hours later.  So I don't
> think
> that it's one of the DC's.
> thanks, any help will be appreciated



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