DNS Zone problem?

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Subject: DNS Zone problem?
Posted by:  Pasi Heino (pasi.hei…@pp5.inet.fi)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007

I have Windows 2000 root domain with one Windows 2000 child domain. I have
installed new Windows server 2003 child domain under root domain.

Problem is that; DNS zones is not created automatically to installed W2K3
dc. Only W2K root dc have new W2K3 domain zone settings etc.. but child
domain dc dns Forward Lookup Zones is empty.

If I try to Create Default Application Directory Partitions to W2K3 dns I
get following message;

The partition to replicate zone data to all DNS servers in the Active
Directory domain was no created. The application directory partition
operation failed. The domain controller holding the domain naming master
role is down or unable to service the request or is not running Windows
Server 2003.

I didn't find any article to configure DNS for W2K3 child domain in W2K
forest. Do I need to install root DCs also to Windows Server 2003 or what
are steps? W2K3 child domain is required to resolve client names by own DNS
and forwarder are redirected to root domain DCs.

- Pasi Heino